“Don’t let your emotions guide your thinking”

The one lesson in my childhood that stands out the most when it comes to ideas like this was on a episode of The Andy Griffith show.

It’s the one where Barney feels embarrassed and humiliated and is getting himself worked up over what Andy thought could be worked out and explained but Barney couldn’t hear a word because his emotions had got the best of him. There is a point where Andy speaks words that ring true today and really applys to Empaths. “Now, don’t let your emotions guide your thinking!”

Those of us that live in our emotions sometimes need this reminder.
We were given both a mind and a heart to work in unison and we have a tendency to be guided by one more than the other instead of learning to balance the two in making a decision or looking at an event.

It is this balance we seek everyday in living from our heart while weighing out decisions in our mind that brings a outcome more closer to our true desires but also for seeing things for what they truly are.

So next time you feel yourself in that space maybe ask yourself am I letting my emotions guide my thinking? Is my Mind talking so loud I can’t hear my Heart’s whisper. If it’s balance you seek then it’s unison you should be listening for… ❤️


Dog Day Lessons

Somebody’s in “Doggie Time Out” for not listening!!
No matter how long he gives me those eyes 🐾

Let’s just say if juggling poop in one hand and keeping control of a jumping dog at the same time was a sport I would have just won a gold medal!! 🥇

Obviously Ollie was playing in Mercury retrograde land with the dog coming up the hill and the other Pet owner was so lost in his own world I had to be a little more assertive to get his attention in order to free my hand to take care of the poop bag and then we played tug a war all the way home…
Damn I might not be buffed but let me tell you I learned I can hold my own one handed!
I am one of Odin’s Daughters.. 😌⚒️

We have had the talk and I told him I understand he is a dog and all but two tugs and a “Sit” is when I mean bussiness. 🐕
Damn Dog Winked at me and won’t stop giving me this look. 😁

Being a doggie parent isn’t easy but doing the right thing in most cases never was… 😇

What’s on the Menu

The big question I get asked the most is “What have you been eating the last 3 weeks?”

Let me say that the last few weeks have taught me a lot about my eating habits and cravings. I have found my weak areas and what I in the past I have called my staple eating.

I understand now why when your trying to lose weight or starting a workout regimen that it’s important to write down what you are eating. Not only does it help you keep track of calories but give you a clear picture of what you are eating as long as you write everything down even your cheats.

Matt Monarch years ago in one of his videos talked about making your staple food of higher quality that way instead of splurging on the healthy foods you’re actually cheating with the unhealthy foods and going back to a healthy diet. Since then I have taken that idea to heart and tried to make my staple foods ones which fight inflammation and builds immunity. I also researched eating for my blood type and eat based on his recommendation and my allergies (Which matched up perfectly).

For my 30 day challenge I wrote down each meal not only to keep track but also to add favorites to my recipe catalog. This gave me a clear idea everyday of what I was eating, when and how much. It also mentally helped me see my bread and potato addiction. Which I have found I am not alone with!!

I noticed that between slices of bread, tortillas of many sizes, sub rolls and buns, hash browns, baked and fried potatoes, mashed, sweet, fleshy, red every meal having one or the other before the challenge so breaking that eating habit was not easy. I found the morning easier than later in the day so a few times I had to make a lettuce wrap to help the cravings to pass. We also experienced a heatwave at the beginning of the month and had to eat a bit more protein to help me through the heat. So beans saved the day a couple times on the days where I was feeling a bit shaky. Except for that I mostly had juices and smoothies with a few variations on an avocado pudding.

I have had to be creative and at times keep in mind that this is a exercise in discipline more than anything. That even though I was eating vegan and allergy friendly it was not always healthy if everything was processed and made of carbohydrates. No matter gluten free or vegan friendly I had strayed from fresh fruits and vegetables as a my staple.

My shopping list has been consistent for the past month and making sure my refrigerator is full has also been a key to my success.

Let\’s Talk Juice

Let’s Talk Juices!

When it comes to juicing I have my favorite combinations but my base is easy. My trick to cutting the bitterness of the greens most people complain about is making sure you add the right Apple’s, the sweetness helps with tge flavor of the greens. What’s great about juicing is you can mix it up or eliminate anything that you’re not wanting that day.

Here is the ingredients I enjoy making my crisp green juice out of:

Romaine lettuce


Apple’s ( honey crisp or pink ladies)




Sometime I add pineapple, kiwi and carrots or make another juice using a Tomatoe base:



Bell peppers




You can use many combinations to make juices from adding beets with pineapples to cauliflower, celery, carrot, apples,zucchini and bell peppers!

Juices are great to experiment with!

Yummy Smoothies!!

Smoothies have been a staple of Healthy eating for a long time and on my page I often share pictures and recipes so it was easy to have a staple smoothie recipe on hand.

For my base I use either:

Coconut milk or water

Cashew milk

Hemp milk

I’m allergic to Almonds and try to stay away from a lot of Soy so my liquid base is very limited

I keep my fruits to be ones that have shown to be high in antioxidants and are inflammation fighters, this way I know that I am combating my health issues every time I have one.

My staple smoothie ingredients are:





Some of the ingredients I added this month we’re




I also add Cocoa, Agave and sometimes dates to sweeten it.

With my smoothies I also like to add any supplements that I’m using at the time a protein powder, vitamin C boost, Maca or royal jelly.

Smoothies are also a great exchange for ice cream on those hot days. They can be used in a bowl mixed with fruits, nuts and seeds or a quick take with you lunch or breakfast. Smoothies are also loved by kids and are a great way to sneak in greens by adding kale or spinach.

Pudding for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?!

The one thing that has saved my morning potatoe craving is my Avocado pudding!

Who would of thought a avocado and banana together would make the best base for a pudding but it sure does!!

This a something that I have made for years and even gave to my son for breakfast when he was little and loved the idea he was eating chocolate pudding for breakfast!

This recipe can be used for a pudding or a filling for a great chocolate cream pie and so simple.

All you need is:

1 Banana

1 Avocado

A Tbsp of cocoa powder

A 3 Tbsp of agave

Blend in Vitimix or food processor and serve

If you want to add some fruit to make it even better you can.

I have added before:





I also like to top it with sliced fruit or coconut whip cream! I should warn you this can feel really heavy on your stomach so do not underestimate the pudding.

So mainly these past weeks have been a combination of juices, smoothies, lettuce wraps and veggie bowls. I also find that I haven’t been eating until later in the day making my first meal a juice, choosing to make my afternoon meal more filling by being a wrap, smoothie, salad or veggie bowl and then eating before 6 pm and usually having another juice or smoothie. I haven’t needed to snack the last week or so but the first week I ended up eating a few handful of nuts and snacking on veggies to help me get through.

I also found that having chickpeas, lentils, cauliflower, zucchini, radishes, olives, bell peppers, onions and garlic on hand was helpful in being great ingredients to put into a lettuce wrap or make a quick meal from.

The past few weeks have been rewarding in the fact that so far I have lost 10 pounds and have more energy and clarity then I have in a while.

Eating healthy is much easier than most people think but it’s the cravings that have always gotten the best of me and in this challenge it has tried my patience and tested my discipline in more ways then one but my taste buds have been loving it and the fact that I am lossing weight has been a bonus!!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting more up to date recipes and picture liked I had hoped but one discipline at a time.

So there you have it whats been on the menu so far!

I do plan on posting some of my favorite recipes for this month and continue to as I get a better handle on managing my time.

I appreciate the interest and I love hearing about those of you who try my recipes and love them. Thank you for your patience and understanding when it comes to posting more regularly. I am like always a work in progress!

How I “Rise” and “Shine”…

It’s been said over and over what a difference a morning can make but I think even I missed the importance of starting off my morning with goal intent, inspiration and me time.

Most Americans can relate to hearing the alarm and that signaling the count down to out the door and depending on whether your startled awake or have found a method that has you rising with the Sun it’s feels more like a race against a clock then a good time to set intentions for the day for most of us. Yet I keep finding in my life a few minutes in the morning can set the tone for the whole day and can even make or break a day.

These past few weeks have proven again how important a routine is and how beneficial taking a few minutes every morning can be. Not only does it set you up for a better day but helps you reach your goals much easier. I have noticed a few simple things that help me to Rise and Shine when I put them into practice.

1. Spending a few minutes in my body!

This can be taking a few minutes stretching to doing a morning yoga practice.

It’s interesting how little time we spending stretching out our bodies seening that we put them through so much in a day. Sitting or standing for long hours can cause muscles to stiffen and put pressure on our lower back yet if you ask someone when was the last time you stretched they will make a joke about reaching for something to drink, eat or turn on the TV! I find that most people unless taking on a sport, about to work out or they are body conscious leave this one morning routine out.

Streaching is more than a warm up activity. It gives us a chance to move our limbs and torso in a manner to help loosen tight muscles and find areas in your body where you might be holding tension or where stiffness has settled in and your range of motion has become limited without you even knowing. When working with seniors that have limited mobility I find that most of their stiffness they contribute to aging if not caused by inflammation or arthritis is caused by slowing down their mobility to the point of irreversible stiffness off their muscles and joints. You also see this in young adults who spend most of their time in front of computer screens and TV now. The lack of mobility is now causing them to develop the same issues as the elderly. Which tells me mobility is the key for longevity in doing the things you love!

So taking those few minutes to breath in some fresh air, awaken our body by allowing the blood flow and oxygen to get moving sets an intention of taking care of ourselves. It sends a message to our minds and body that we appreciate all that it does for us and we want to continue to take care of it so as we age it helps us to stay mobile enough to continue with the things that brings us the most joy! Not to mention how good it feels to stretch your body after a long night of laying down. This brings me to the next important but simple thing

2. Breaking your Fast!

I always wondered why we called the first meal of the day Breakfast until a few years back it was explained to me that “Break-fast” is really about breaking your fast.

Your body has gone through 6-8 hrs if not more of having nothing to drink or eat and at the first meal you are breaking your nightly fast. When you look at it that way you can see why what you put into your body the first thing in the morning or before bed might have an effect on your overall day and in some cases your ability to have a good night sleep. Depending on when you stop eating or start eating also can play a role with blood sugar and other systems in our bodies as we are now seeing with the Keto diet. Food is plays a bigger role in fueling our bodies with what we need more then ever before. With the rising cost of health care and our bodies constantly fighting off the chemicals in our food it’s very important that whatever you put into our body at the start of the day gives us the nutritional value and subsidence to carry us throughout our day.

I like to break my fast with some Alkaline water. I usually have a 32 ounce glass jar that I use. If you follow any of my pages you can often find it in the background since it’s never to far from my side.

I also find for me that in the morning is the best time to have my juice or smoothie. It’s light on my stomach and is giving my body the nutrients that I need to carry me throuh the busiest time of my day. I can always if I need more have a snack or light meal to get me through if I will be on the go most of the day. I find for those days or for those of you that make breakfast the largest meal of the day you can follow a Eat for your blood type meal plan to make sure your getting the most from what your eating or pick something you know will help you have energy while fighting inflammation and fatigue.

Choosing your breakfast based on your bodies needs instead of the clock will not only set you up with the endurance to complete your tasks but give you Clarity of mind to be able to set intentions and accomplish them.

This seems the simplest to understand but like streaching sometimes rushed mornings lead to poor habits that silently do more damage than do good. You might be saving a few minutes on a drive through break-fast but in time it will physical catch up to you.

This leaves me with the One I find most important

3. Taking some time for myself.

The first thing that comes to mind in the morning is catching up with Social media. Who liked this on Facebook? What was tweeted last night? Blah, Blah, Blah. It never anything that couldn’t of waited a few hours. It’s not like knowing what your unicorn name is going to be is really going to change your day or that picture of a dog riding a donkey is going to change the world overnight yet the first thing we reach for in the morning is that Social media check. Some of us before our feet hit the floor we have our phone in hand and have liked about 20 things, whined about 15 and loved a few less then we did the day before.

Some parents think 5 minutes in the bathroom shower is alone time and others think that moment after work when they can reach for that drink makes up for spending their whole day listening to other people complain about things no one has any control over. Even alone time in the car on the way to work is really not considered me time?!

When I mean time for your self I mean without Social media, TV or any electronic distraction. Time to gather your thoughts and ideas. To visualize the day or gain inspiration from ourselves or others. Taking some time to be outside in Nature or even just being present within ourselves is a great way to start. Here are some ways I spend my morning indulging in me time.

A. Meditation

Meditation has started to be a cliche more then a understanding that quiet time with ourselves and nature is the reset button that modern society has given little importance to that the wisdom keepers have shared for centuries.

They knew that taking the time to listen to our bodies and mind gives away to brilliant ideas and a letting go of life’s tragedies. I have found that meditation comes in many forms. You can sit quietly with your own soul, be guided through imagery and affirmations, you can listen to music and let your mind drift or lose yourself in a task or activity. You can find a place on the grass to sit or on a deck or even be called into the woods. I often find myself drawing in the morning. It seems to clear my mind and before I know it I have a idea for a recipes or even a answer to something I had been pondering. You see meditation to me is like excusing your self from the real world long enough to get back in touch with the real you.

B. Journaling or Inspirational reading

Journaling is something I encourage everyone to do if possible. It can be with words, collage, drawing, video, any form of expression as long as it helps you to get your thoughts, dreams and ideas out of your mind and soul and into the universe. I have found over the years writing has been my blessing and curse. A blessing in the times I have used it to express thoughts and gain insights but also a curse as I second guess everything I write and allow my fear of being perfectionist to get in the way of my passions.

Expressing myself even in the smallest ways everyday has helped me to feel more confident in my writing and drawning.

Writing thoughts down help me to gather my ideas or plans before I discuss them with others and helps me keep track of things that I said or did. Its helped me vent anger, sadness, joy and genius and when inspiration comes even if I’m not able to act on it at that time, It’s there in writing for me to go back and look at when I’m ready to which I have done many times. It helps me plan blogs and execute ideas more easily when I can see them and writing has always been a great tool in goal building and completing tasks for me.

For those of you who are not much into writing you could also spend a few minutes every morning reading something inspirational from quotes to just picking up one of your favorite books and reading a small chapter . Taking time to read something to uplift your mind or learn something new or even laugh at yourself or life can be very rewarding in the morning and helps your mind to get going and bring in new ideas or even spark some new ones of your own.

C. Walking

Walking is new to my Rise and Shine routine. Just recently taking in our new dog Ollie I have learned to appreciate our morning walks.

Now I have always enjoyed walking, whether it was in the city, hiking trails in the woods or besides the ocean. I love getting out but adding a walk in the morning always was pushed aside for another task or ignored as a activity that wouldn’t add much to my morning.

That all changed when Ollie came to live with us. My am wake up was now a 5 am restroom call with a walk mixed in.

I must say at first jumping out of bed to get outside at 5 a.m. was not something I was thrilled about but as each morning came and I would see how excited Ollie was to go outside, whether it be to go to the bathroom or check out what animal had been on our property the night before and it would get me excited too. After a week or so I started to see the benefit in the mornings for myself as well! Its nothing a fit band would brag about but he does get me out and walking for about 10 minutes half the time straight up hill. Morning walks have become some what an adventure as I would look around our land each morning and see things that I hadn’t noticed the day before or getting out early and seening a doe cross the road or a fox run along our path. There is something about the fresh air, getting my body moving and having that discipline that builds confidence each day I am outside even if its just for a short walk. Its become something I needed to do not only for myself and it’s been Ollie that kept me moving on those mornings when I would have rather just stayed in bed or walked around the yard. Walking can be seen as a meditation as much as it can be seen as a way to get your body moving so even if you only have time for one morning activity walking is a great go too. I never knew the importance of walking even if it was just a short distance in the morning to get everything going but I have found that this is something more beneficial then Journaling, having that smoothie or taking that morning stretch. The morning walk connects me to the silence that is around me and allows me to use all my senses in a way that is not stressful to them but as an observer not as a reactor something very beneficial to get me through the day.

No matter what your routine is its important to start your day with some inner and outer inspiration and healthy breaking of your fast.

Try setting some small morning goals that already fit in with your current morning routine, instead of checking Facebook in the morning try picking up a book, if you have a few minutes in the morning that you’re normally browsing the news take a walk and listen to the news on your headphone. It’s never easy to start new habits but a whole lot harder to break old ones if you never start.

I have found Spending time inside my body, Enjoying some me time and Breaking My Fast in a healthy way to be what helps me Rise and Shine in the most productive way!

What’s your Rise and Shine Method?

Chickpeas save the day….

I am sure everyone is busy having a wonderful fourth and the last thing your wondering is how is Justine doing with her meal prep and eating.

The crazy hustle of Monday’s groceries and the warning of a Heatwave coming kept me moving so much my first chance at eating wasn’t until later in the day.

By the time I got home I was hungry and grumpy from the heat coming on so I needed something quick and filling.

The first thing that came to mind was a Chickpeas salad. I knew I wanted more since it probable will be my only meal, but what. Not sure if it has been the heat or the way I have been eating but I haven’t been very hungry. No really cravings except a day of dreaming of dunkin and how to put a Vegan Ruben in the Vitamix.

Luckly the two beans I stock the most are those and Lentils. I have the perfect combination of veggies, a lemon and a nice head of Radicchio. Quickly my mind thinks a wrap would be perfect.

It sure hit the spot! The great thing about a basic chickpea salad is it can be made into anything. From burgers, mock tuna or chicken, a bean salad to a filling for a wrap and so much more. It’s easy to make and always surprisingly flavorful and filling.

As I thought It’s ended up being my only meal and it was so worth the wait.

Here is the recipe if you want to give it a try.

Chickpea Radicchio Wrap

  • 1 cup cooked Chickpea
  • 1 stalk of green onion chopped or 1/4 sweet onion diced
  • 1/4 cup bell peppers chopped
  • 1 stalk of celery chopped
  • Juice of a half a lemon
  • 2 radishes sliced
  • 1-2 Tbs Vegan mayo and/or mustard
  • 1/2 tsp of Sea salt and/or a couple twists of the pepper grinder
  • 2-4 Radicchio leaves

After you have prepped your veggies, place your chickpeas in a bowl and use a fork to mash them up. You want to make sure you are leaving some beans but basically mashing it up pretty good. Take your lemon juice,vegan mayo and/or mustard along with some salt and pepper and mix in and toss.

Once that is mixed well add your chopped and diced veggie and your ready to put the salad inside your Radicchio leaves. Add your radishes slices on top and your ready to eat.

For some extra flavor you can add a dash or two of Braggs Tuscan Kale vinaigrette and marinade. I love adding Apple cider vinegar to anything I can. It adds flavor and is so good for you!

This is a simple recipe that you can put anything your heart desires in and I promise you will be greatly surprised.

Give it a try if you you want something fast and filling on these hot summer days. Plus it’s a great way to keep your kitchen cool while making something to eat!

Like I said in my blogger post, Monday went amazing, who would think Chickpeas would save the day and keep me from cheating!

Have a great fourth of July everyone and I will try to catch you up on yesterday’s and today’s meal choices and prep once the Hoilday passes, time for family and friends!

Be safe everyone.

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Love sharing my journey with you….

Time to get more disciplined!

If you have been following my Facebook pages you should know by now that starting July 1st I embarked on a challenge to work on being more disciplined in my life. After a few nudges from the universe I decided to take a challenge and really see how much discipline that I was lacking or how much I was able to gain over the next 30 days. It seemed only right that if I was going to challenge myself I should pull out the one book that many years ago taught me just how disciplined I could be!

After watching a video on YouTube of Ani Phyo making Raw Apple pie, I was hooked. I had no idea what eating Raw was or what a difference it would make in my life. It took discipline and a willingness to get out of my comfort zone and the ability to learn something new. All things I needed to get out of a depression that was coming on.

I had just been found to be allergic to everything I had been eating almost my entire life and now I needed to learn a brand new eating habit and a new way to make meals and this book made it simple understandable and delicious for me it’s only a given that I would go back to it now.

I decided to use my eating habits as a starter point since the last few years I haven’t been as diligent as I could of been. I had notice that I picked up the bad habit of eating alot of starches and carbohydrates. I stopped eating mostly raw vegan and went back to easy to make processed vegan meals and prep. It is finally catching up to me in more ways then one. I have gained some extra weight and my blood pressure still is way to high for my doctor liking.

For the next 30 days I will only eat meals made using my Vitamix and Juicer. Since we’re having a heatwave it has been extended to be able to eat anything raw just not cooked. That way if my body needs more I wont be limited on sugars but be able to add some protein from beans and nuts and after 2 weeks I can use the dehydrator if necessary.

If I complete my 30 days then in August my teenage son will then do the same.

So far with the heat it hasn’t been easy but I thought I would use this time to work on other disciplines like blogging and making Vlogs. Along with some other healthy habits I have been slacking on.

I thought I would use this blog to share my recipes among other things while keeping a daily diary of my process on my blogger site.

So let’s get started…

I wanted to have some basics that I would try and include in all my smoothies and Juices when possible. Cacao powder and Coconut Protein, a blend of Hemp, Flaxseed and Chia along with a liquid chia supplement, Maca and Royal Jelly and a Vitamin C powder. Oh and of course coconut oil. These are all things that over the years I have seen make a difference in My overall health and energy levels.

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that once I was diagnosed with allergies I only had 26 foods that I could eat from. I took the list from the allergist along with “Eat for your blood type” and made a master list and a lot of those Foods I still eat today. Foods high in antioxidant and good for inflammation.

So yesterday’s smoothie started out with cashew milk about a cup to 2 cups,then I added 2 frozen bananas, a cup of blueberries, a cup of cherries and a cup of pineapple. Along with all the basic supplements mentioned above. Blended until smooth and I had my first meal. That is the thing I love most about smoothies. They are easy to make, filling and delicious!

I was feeling a bit more hungry later in the day and decided to Juice a Tomatoes and Celery blend. I was hoping for a more blood Mary taste but I fell short.

I was able to pick some celery and basil from my garden which was very exciting. These might look like tiny stocks but they hold a lot of flavor believe me! Doesn’t make as much but the leaves and stock make any juice more delish!

I found a few tomatoes that needed to be used along with some bell pepper, green onions and garlic. I was so hungry at this point I was just glad to be getting something in my stomach and I knew with the celery and the garlic that that would be very helpful to my digestive tract and in boosting my immune system.

It didn’t make much but it sure hit the spot!!!

By early evening I was needing a bit more so I decided to make a nice Cocao pudding.

I had a half of a frozen banana and a half of avocado so I blended it with some cashew milk, agave and cocao power and it was just what I needed to finish off the day..

Yesterday was easier than I thought but there sure was a lot of Temptation in the afternoon. With the heat and the idea of having to make meals instead of just grabing something at times messed with my mind but completing the day knowing I did it and I ate really healthy got my mind back on track.

Whether it’s food, blogging or yoga, discipline is the key to good practices and reaching goals otherwise it’s wishful thinking along with procrastination which in turn means nothing ever gets done.

Be sure to follow my posts on Facebook at thewoundedhealer22 and follow the links to my other blog to get more insight on how the challenge is going and how I am doing.

Thanks again for sharing this journey with me…

Spring has Arrived!!

Every where I look I can see summer is getting closer and closer as the signs of Spring are here. With the rain brings the birds singing cheerfully, the sounds of motorcycles in the distance, the fisherman back to the shores and daffodils are blooming every where.

One of my favorite things about living in New England is watching the seasons change or in this year’s case skipped.

When I lived on the West coast I learned two seasons, when the leaves fall off the tree and when they come back on. Until I was around 42 all I had known was draught and that the trees always looked sick and unhappy if you could imagine that. The trees are so much Happier here in the fresh air and the soil they grow up in.

So each year it’s like a wonderful unfolding of what will Nature bring this year.

When I first arrived here I thought the locals had a obsession with the weather as each day the conversation was “How’s that weather today?” “Did you see what weather is coming?” I mean they even had new words I had to learn like Nor’easter, Blizzard, Wicked bad storm, Mud season, Black flies season and it seemed the weather channel was everywhere I went and the first thing even before New that was turned on in the morning. They would change plans for it and to get around the weather and I quickly learned it can be your best friend or a not so nice stranger that rolls into town unexpected every once in awhile and you have no idea what kind of mood their in.

After 7 years I must admit I now check the weather and understand the power of Mother Nature.

Since I have been here I have experienced tornadoes, earthquakes, blizzards, Downeasters, Statewide blackouts, Power outages. Tropical storms just to highlight a few. Here we have more than season we have the weather.

I have learned that not only is it smart to know your weather but it helps in planning your day to be able to get the most out of it. I think one thing that can be said for New Englanders and Mainers for sure is they do not waste a minute of any day and have learn to make the most out of any kind of weather.

I can say they have taught me alot about appreciating the good days and riding out the bad or just facing it. The world doesn’t stop because the weather’s bad. If you waited out a storm you could be waiting a long time.

Now knowing no matter the weather the Sun will shine again soon believe me I too do not waste a minute of it either.

Nature has so much in life lessons to teach if were in the right place and state of mind to see them.

Mother Nature knows she is appreciated and respected here and in return she gives us moments like this