Day Three of Sedona: A Place where the Past meets the Now…

Each day we would be surrounded by either Yin or Yang energy, flowing through the vortexs and places we visted. On the third day it was decided we would spend time in the most precious element of the desert. Surrounded by water!

We were lucky enough to be able to go to a place that was secluded and private. With a slight hike in you would think I wouldn’t be challenged after the day before but as we hiked down into a small canyon where water flowed in plenty I saw one of my childhood foes, jumping from rock to rock across the stream. Again everyone ahead did it with easy and grace.

When it came my turn I mentally struggled. Why was I having trouble? I love the water, it wasn’t a rushing river, it wasn’t deep but the fear was real. As I took off my shoes my confidence grew as I trusted my feet but not my shoes. With help over the water I happily jumped from rock to rock navigating like it was natural for me to be roaming barefoot on the desert stones. Dodging tree limbs and moving through the terrain the freedom came back as did the trust in my feet. I never put my shoes back on.

Once we cleared the rough parts it opened up to a beautiful spot!! My eyes we amazed by the Oasis in the desert that was spread out before us. As I looked around my eyes caught that the stones that surrounded us were mostly volcanic. I already was amazed by the fact that Sedona was once a Ocean and now I am looking at signs of Volcanic activity from possible hundreds to million of years. The energy flowing through the water, trees and rocks where taking me back in time while keeping me grounded to the Natural beauty of Mother Earth.

As I placed my feet in the water and let it flow over me I looked up and saw the mountains looking down at me in a Majestic way through the trees. It’s a feeling I still can’t put into words.

This would be a simple day of learning a communication technique, having lunch and then ending our time together with a sacred pipe ceremony.

After a short time of enjoying our surroundings we went right into learning what was called the Bubble technique. I will not go into details about it now but give you a overview.

It’s a practice of connecting with the divine in each other while working toward understanding each other’s concerns and feeling at a deeper level. It uses eye gazing, gratitude and appreciation, acknowledging of fears, making desires and intentions, ending with a contribution and commitment to what was discussed.

It was one of the best practices I have ever learned. In working with my partner I felt heard, understood and even saw changes right a way in the connection we shared. I saw how beneficial it was going to be in my life. I might not of climbed a mountain but my heart felt like I had conquered another fear.

After lunch we gathered in circle for the sacred pipe ceremony. We found a place under the trees surround by large volcanic stones in a dryed creek bed that as I sat down I noticed I was in a groove craved out by water that had or still does make it’s way through where we choose to sit. The energy of this space was magnified as the flute played and the pipe was brought out. You could not only feel the Ancestor watching but also the stone and tree people. The red dragonflies mated around us and the ravens called in the background as we lifted our prayers.

I could not help cry as I thought of my best friend and how he would of loved Sedona, this moment and this place. How through my spirit I was sharing this moment with him. Bring the past into the now to be felt and recognized. I can not express what gratitude I had in my heart and how in that moment I felt everything around me hugging my heart and restoring my soul.

As we made our way out and I watched everyone else put back on their shoes, I kept mine off. I can honestly say I could of stayed there all day. We reached the point where originally I had trouble jumping across the creek. Once again everyone jumped with ease, before I knew it I jumped across and landed seeing my wet foot print on the rock!! Everyone was amazed how I leaped not even from the front of the rock but the furthest point. Like a child I was so proud of myself and it was all over my face.

That day was spouse to be relaxing and it was but it also was one of the most empowering days I had in a while. I knew my time for the retreat was coming to an end but the lessons and healing I received was going to change my life forever.


Faith is Tested

Waking up on the second day I was amazed the dreams that I had and the clarity that was coming to the surface. I had been told that there could be dreams or more unwinding long after being off the rock but I wasn’t prepared for a morning release. As memories came flooding back so did emotions, before I knew it I was having a form of unwinding right then and there.

I still do not have words to describe the release and emotions that I had after experiencing that but I will say what a shift in perspective and clarity. It made for an interesting morning for sure.

As I prepared for the days hike I could only imagine what it was going to bring since the morning had already given me so much. I had been told we would be doing not only hiking but climbing. Yesterday’s hike reminded me how I wasn’t in the best shape I could be but I could hold my own, I was interested to see what this Hike would bring out in me.

We traveled to a beautiful spot where hiking trails go up to and around Steamboat Mountain. We would again take sometime for a check in before heading out for our hike and bodywork. It was interesting to talk about how the day before was already bringing up issues for everyone. The unwinding was working it’s magic and today we were about to embark on more.

I had came to this journey to look at my own growth and be able to grow more in areas around fear and moving forward. To take back my life and return to Faith and Trust in myself and my body. Little did I know that this Hike and climb was going to give me many opportunities to do that.

The trail would slowly lead us up until we got to place where I would be required to climb. Watching everyone else easily climb up gave me courage until it was my turn to place my feet on the side of a rock and climb. With my body and mind short circuiting in the fact that I was even attempting this. With the help of my support and determined to move through it I was surprised how good it felt to accomplish that first climb. As we walked along obviously there were point on the trail where I had to just keep focused on each step, watching where I was going and learning to rely on my legs more than my hands. Not only was I watching for safety from rocks and gravel areas where I could slide but also the animals which live in the area. As I walked there was a relief I had made it but a concern that there was still more climbing to do. As we reached the next area to climb I was tired from the hike and wasn’t sure my leg would cooperate again. The leg giving me the most trouble had been pelaged with sciatic issues and nerve deterioration from the virus. I really hadn’t ask much of it in years but now I needed it for a safe and sturdy climb. This time it would take both my legs and upper body strength to make this last climb to where we would be having lunch and doing our body work.

As I started my mind questioned my ability and then my soul rised up in Faith that I had not came this far to give up now. I pushed through the fear and doubt and let out a sound of intent and up I went!! What an amazing feeling it was to be on the plateau!! Even now thinking back what joy I felt to look around at such an amazing view.

How many times in life have I not did something or experience something because I let my fears get in the way of trusting myself or even my body. In the moment standing looking over the desert floor I could feel my confidence in myself and my body coming back.

Looking back I can say I had a very powerful unwinding session that afternoon, high on the Moutian that had supported my hike and my work and allowed me to gain something I had lost a long time ago. I would cherish every moment on that mountain and even the journey on the way down.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was concerned with making my way down but I sure wasn’t going to worry about it until the time came. When it did I had a new command over my body and a new trust in those that were supporting me through this process. What had become apparent was this energy work was powerful and has immediate results and mixed with the physical activity was bringing about profound changes right there on the spot.

I gathered my belonging and learned to do the crab walk down a side of a mountain, I learned that weather coming up or going down to stay focused on the path, to ask for help and support when needed but more than that I learned it was okay to trust myself again.

On the way down from Steamboat Mountain I gained a deeper understanding of the changes I had made over the years and this journey and that mountain gave me a opportunity to put what I had learned and working on into everyday practice. That as the body work was releasing old wounds and pains it was also replacing them with New insights, New Victories and developing Trust in people and also in the men that have been brought into my life now.

I would say that the second day on the retreat did not disappoint if anything I gained a new respect for myself and what I had accomplished that day! We were not even more than half way through the retreat and I could feel my life shifting. It had been a powerful day and I was looking forward to the following day down by the creek. We would have a chance to have a break from unwinding as we learned a new communication technique and was renewed in a private area where the water flows and the trees grow.

Looking back I will never forget my first climb on Steamboat and all it taught me about myself and I look forward to someday going back and letting it help me discover more. Each day brought new understanding and clarity while it also brought back a confidence that helped me through the next two days of my journey that I wouldn’t know I would need.

My first day on the Journey

So yesterday was my last day on my journey here in Sedona. I had planned to try to blog my experience a little bit each day but as you see that didn’t happen. Instead as I am now revisiting these moments on my last day here in Sedona I will share each day as a blog allowing myself to still process all I have been through and giving my time to be present while I write.

Each day brought new experiences as well as facing new challenges within myself and how I live my life.

There was only 6 of us on a four day journey to go out into Nature and with the help of a technique to release trauma and locked emotions come back each day free from old wounds from the past while facing fears in the present.

I really was not sure what I was getting myself into but I knew Sedona called and I was willing to heed the call.

Our first day out was a gentle one. Getting to know each other while taking a small hike to spend sometime getting to know each other and learning more about the practice we would be using each day in which was called Unwinding. A natural process our bodies have to help release feeling and events we have stored in our bodies that have kepted us locked in patterns but also created blocks and even illness.

The landscape here in Sedona is magnificent! So from the moment I arrived I was taken away by the history and the views and our first hike was no different except from watching it from a far we were venturing out in it.

Every morning of the journey we were greeted at whole foods by a crow that to me seemed to be a gatekeeper to the transformation that would be taking place.

He would say Good morning as we gathered to plan the days events and pick up any last minute things we might need for our hike in.

We would hike in to a Vortex spot, have some lunch then do some body work right there on the rocks.

In true typical Gemini fashion I do not recall the name of the first place we went but it was a tourist attraction for Jeep’s and definitely helicopters. Which kept reminding me how humans can take anything and turn it’s silent beauty into a noisy money maker.

It was a small hike off trail that lead to a beautiful secluded place except for the metal birds that flew over head.

It was so amazing to be on the rocks and eat lunch with view like that!!

We would have a check in time once we arrived at the spot and on the first day it was to talk about what brought us here and what was our intention for the journey.

After that we took time for lunch and then it was about getting right into the body work.

I wish I had words to explain the technique that was being used but I am still processing it. It’s seems to simple but yet so profund that words do not come easy. With the use of Reiki along with allowing the body in a supported way it seems to have a natural way to release through body movement and relaxation.

The first time I experienced it I was amazed how immediately after I felt changed. Something had been shifted.

It was like the land itself was helping with this process as you surrendered to yourself and trusted those around you to support you in a non judgmental way about anything that came up and out.

It truly was a beautiful thing to watch and be a part of. As each person’s release was different in how it presented itself individually based on their past experiences or what came up to be released.

During a break I had a chance to walk off by myself, processing what had just happened and still accepting that I was no longer at home but actually sitting on a Vortex in Sedona when something blue caught my eye on the other side of where I had decided to sit.

I thought possibly a blue plastic bag had caught on the bush and I would carry it out with us as we left. I really paid it no mind until I moved closer and then realized it was a blue and gold silk scarf. How in the world did it make it’s way there wrapped on the bush and so camouflaged except for those who had eyes to see it.

It was like receiving a gift Spirit had placed there waiting for me to come and surrender. For braving the plane ride I have fear around to bring about a transformation in my life. To face my fears by growing stronger walking through them instead of living my life around them.

As I picked it up I felt grattitude that spirit is always showing me it’s Presence and Love in tangible ways.

I walked back down the mountain in tears of grattitude not only for the gift but in knowing I wasn’t going to leave Sedona unchanged. That the journey would not only be about recognizing the power that this place holds but the power within myself I was about to get to know.

It was only my first gift of many this trip would bring and later I would wear the scarf in a Pipe Ceremony to give Thanks to the land and the Ancestors for such a beautiful reminder that I am loved and never truly alone..

Time for Restoration and Renewal…

As I sit here at the airport waiting to board my flight to Sedona I am filled with many emotions.

It’s been a long time since I have flown and a long time since I took some really time to work on myself in such a deep and profound way.

This journey is typical for this Gemini girl. What are you doing? I don’t know. Where are you going? I don’t know. Many questions that really I have no answers for, I have an idea but how it will unfold and what I am getting into is still an adventure.

All I know is I have been given an opportunity to go and spend time with great company and gain a freedom from blocks that have kept me from living my best life fully.

The Gemini in me loves adventure and my spirit can really use sometime to renew and restore my soul.

I hope to be able to journal my time in Sedona but also in true Gemini fashion I could easily get so caught up that I process everything without sharing any of it.

All I do know is my soul is excited and I look forward to again challenging myself in many areas and that is one thing it is already doing..

Next stop Sedona and Adventure!!

“Don’t let your emotions guide your thinking”

The one lesson in my childhood that stands out the most when it comes to ideas like this was on a episode of The Andy Griffith show.

It’s the one where Barney feels embarrassed and humiliated and is getting himself worked up over what Andy thought could be worked out and explained but Barney couldn’t hear a word because his emotions had got the best of him. There is a point where Andy speaks words that ring true today and really applys to Empaths. “Now, don’t let your emotions guide your thinking!”

Those of us that live in our emotions sometimes need this reminder.
We were given both a mind and a heart to work in unison and we have a tendency to be guided by one more than the other instead of learning to balance the two in making a decision or looking at an event.

It is this balance we seek everyday in living from our heart while weighing out decisions in our mind that brings a outcome more closer to our true desires but also for seeing things for what they truly are.

So next time you feel yourself in that space maybe ask yourself am I letting my emotions guide my thinking? Is my Mind talking so loud I can’t hear my Heart’s whisper. If it’s balance you seek then it’s unison you should be listening for… ❤️

Dog Day Lessons

Somebody’s in “Doggie Time Out” for not listening!!
No matter how long he gives me those eyes 🐾

Let’s just say if juggling poop in one hand and keeping control of a jumping dog at the same time was a sport I would have just won a gold medal!! 🥇

Obviously Ollie was playing in Mercury retrograde land with the dog coming up the hill and the other Pet owner was so lost in his own world I had to be a little more assertive to get his attention in order to free my hand to take care of the poop bag and then we played tug a war all the way home…
Damn I might not be buffed but let me tell you I learned I can hold my own one handed!
I am one of Odin’s Daughters.. 😌⚒️

We have had the talk and I told him I understand he is a dog and all but two tugs and a “Sit” is when I mean bussiness. 🐕
Damn Dog Winked at me and won’t stop giving me this look. 😁

Being a doggie parent isn’t easy but doing the right thing in most cases never was… 😇

What’s on the Menu

The big question I get asked the most is “What have you been eating the last 3 weeks?”

Let me say that the last few weeks have taught me a lot about my eating habits and cravings. I have found my weak areas and what I in the past I have called my staple eating.

I understand now why when your trying to lose weight or starting a workout regimen that it’s important to write down what you are eating. Not only does it help you keep track of calories but give you a clear picture of what you are eating as long as you write everything down even your cheats.

Matt Monarch years ago in one of his videos talked about making your staple food of higher quality that way instead of splurging on the healthy foods you’re actually cheating with the unhealthy foods and going back to a healthy diet. Since then I have taken that idea to heart and tried to make my staple foods ones which fight inflammation and builds immunity. I also researched eating for my blood type and eat based on his recommendation and my allergies (Which matched up perfectly).

For my 30 day challenge I wrote down each meal not only to keep track but also to add favorites to my recipe catalog. This gave me a clear idea everyday of what I was eating, when and how much. It also mentally helped me see my bread and potato addiction. Which I have found I am not alone with!!

I noticed that between slices of bread, tortillas of many sizes, sub rolls and buns, hash browns, baked and fried potatoes, mashed, sweet, fleshy, red every meal having one or the other before the challenge so breaking that eating habit was not easy. I found the morning easier than later in the day so a few times I had to make a lettuce wrap to help the cravings to pass. We also experienced a heatwave at the beginning of the month and had to eat a bit more protein to help me through the heat. So beans saved the day a couple times on the days where I was feeling a bit shaky. Except for that I mostly had juices and smoothies with a few variations on an avocado pudding.

I have had to be creative and at times keep in mind that this is a exercise in discipline more than anything. That even though I was eating vegan and allergy friendly it was not always healthy if everything was processed and made of carbohydrates. No matter gluten free or vegan friendly I had strayed from fresh fruits and vegetables as a my staple.

My shopping list has been consistent for the past month and making sure my refrigerator is full has also been a key to my success.

Let\’s Talk Juice

Let’s Talk Juices!

When it comes to juicing I have my favorite combinations but my base is easy. My trick to cutting the bitterness of the greens most people complain about is making sure you add the right Apple’s, the sweetness helps with tge flavor of the greens. What’s great about juicing is you can mix it up or eliminate anything that you’re not wanting that day.

Here is the ingredients I enjoy making my crisp green juice out of:

Romaine lettuce


Apple’s ( honey crisp or pink ladies)




Sometime I add pineapple, kiwi and carrots or make another juice using a Tomatoe base:



Bell peppers




You can use many combinations to make juices from adding beets with pineapples to cauliflower, celery, carrot, apples,zucchini and bell peppers!

Juices are great to experiment with!

Yummy Smoothies!!

Smoothies have been a staple of Healthy eating for a long time and on my page I often share pictures and recipes so it was easy to have a staple smoothie recipe on hand.

For my base I use either:

Coconut milk or water

Cashew milk

Hemp milk

I’m allergic to Almonds and try to stay away from a lot of Soy so my liquid base is very limited

I keep my fruits to be ones that have shown to be high in antioxidants and are inflammation fighters, this way I know that I am combating my health issues every time I have one.

My staple smoothie ingredients are:





Some of the ingredients I added this month we’re




I also add Cocoa, Agave and sometimes dates to sweeten it.

With my smoothies I also like to add any supplements that I’m using at the time a protein powder, vitamin C boost, Maca or royal jelly.

Smoothies are also a great exchange for ice cream on those hot days. They can be used in a bowl mixed with fruits, nuts and seeds or a quick take with you lunch or breakfast. Smoothies are also loved by kids and are a great way to sneak in greens by adding kale or spinach.

Pudding for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?!

The one thing that has saved my morning potatoe craving is my Avocado pudding!

Who would of thought a avocado and banana together would make the best base for a pudding but it sure does!!

This a something that I have made for years and even gave to my son for breakfast when he was little and loved the idea he was eating chocolate pudding for breakfast!

This recipe can be used for a pudding or a filling for a great chocolate cream pie and so simple.

All you need is:

1 Banana

1 Avocado

A Tbsp of cocoa powder

A 3 Tbsp of agave

Blend in Vitimix or food processor and serve

If you want to add some fruit to make it even better you can.

I have added before:





I also like to top it with sliced fruit or coconut whip cream! I should warn you this can feel really heavy on your stomach so do not underestimate the pudding.

So mainly these past weeks have been a combination of juices, smoothies, lettuce wraps and veggie bowls. I also find that I haven’t been eating until later in the day making my first meal a juice, choosing to make my afternoon meal more filling by being a wrap, smoothie, salad or veggie bowl and then eating before 6 pm and usually having another juice or smoothie. I haven’t needed to snack the last week or so but the first week I ended up eating a few handful of nuts and snacking on veggies to help me get through.

I also found that having chickpeas, lentils, cauliflower, zucchini, radishes, olives, bell peppers, onions and garlic on hand was helpful in being great ingredients to put into a lettuce wrap or make a quick meal from.

The past few weeks have been rewarding in the fact that so far I have lost 10 pounds and have more energy and clarity then I have in a while.

Eating healthy is much easier than most people think but it’s the cravings that have always gotten the best of me and in this challenge it has tried my patience and tested my discipline in more ways then one but my taste buds have been loving it and the fact that I am lossing weight has been a bonus!!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting more up to date recipes and picture liked I had hoped but one discipline at a time.

So there you have it whats been on the menu so far!

I do plan on posting some of my favorite recipes for this month and continue to as I get a better handle on managing my time.

I appreciate the interest and I love hearing about those of you who try my recipes and love them. Thank you for your patience and understanding when it comes to posting more regularly. I am like always a work in progress!