“Don’t let your emotions guide your thinking”

The one lesson in my childhood that stands out the most when it comes to ideas like this was on a episode of The Andy Griffith show.

It’s the one where Barney feels embarrassed and humiliated and is getting himself worked up over what Andy thought could be worked out and explained but Barney couldn’t hear a word because his emotions had got the best of him. There is a point where Andy speaks words that ring true today and really applys to Empaths. “Now, don’t let your emotions guide your thinking!”

Those of us that live in our emotions sometimes need this reminder.
We were given both a mind and a heart to work in unison and we have a tendency to be guided by one more than the other instead of learning to balance the two in making a decision or looking at an event.

It is this balance we seek everyday in living from our heart while weighing out decisions in our mind that brings a outcome more closer to our true desires but also for seeing things for what they truly are.

So next time you feel yourself in that space maybe ask yourself am I letting my emotions guide my thinking? Is my Mind talking so loud I can’t hear my Heart’s whisper. If it’s balance you seek then it’s unison you should be listening for… ❤️


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